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 Children and Adolescents Life Skills Training Network (CALSTN) is a Zambian non-profit making organization. The organization is legally registered with the Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) as a Company Limited by Guarantee under the Companies Act Cap 338 of the law of Zambia. Its Head office is situated at plot # 650/5 Milima Road, Woodlands, Lusaka.

Many of the challenges facing young people in Zambia today are a direct result of cultural practices, peer pressure and rapidly changing social, economic and political environment. There is a growing recognition that many young people in Zambia are not sufficiently equipped with life skills to help them deal with their cultural beliefs and societal demands. Research data indicates that due to lack of proper training in life skills, there is high rate of sexual activities that cause unwanted pregnancies, high HIV infection rate, high rate of school dropout, early marriage, high unsafe abortion rate and damping of babies. Furthermore, high levels of alcohol/drug abuse has given rise to juvenile delinquency, expulsion from schools and increase rate of suicide attempts among youths.

 Realizing that children and adolescents are not adequately guided, Children and Adolescent Training Network (CALSTN)  has been founded to train children and adolescents and equip them with appropriate   life skill such as decision making, critical and creative thinking, communication, assertiveness, self-awareness, negotiation, goal-setting, confidence-building, self-esteem, conflict resolution, etc. All these life skills are necessary to help them develop a responsible and balanced approach to media, culture and peer influence. The skills are taught in the well-structured, practical and interactive manner with close monitoring and evaluation. CALS Training Network is determined to empower youths with a visionary approach to life which would contribute to the social, economic and political development of the nation.