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Experienced Counsellors are available in our organization to provide Comprehensive Counselling to teenagers, adolescents and Youths who have been involved in Risk Behaviors.

Early years of growing up come along with complex challenges to young people. They find managing life with pressure from school, friends, relationship and family overwhelming. If these years are mismanaged, the victim can find it challenging to engage into productive activities as they grow up.

Often times young people strive to fit in with their peers, hence involvement in risk behaviors such as drug and alcohol abuse, violence, unprotected sex among others.

Our qualified and impartial counsellors help young people discuss their issues in confidence, allowing them to learn the required skills to deal with their own issues positively. Young people are helped to clarify, talk about and work through issues in areas including:

·         Drug and alcohol abuse

·         Sexual abuse

·         Stress management, anxiety and depression

·         Behavioral issues

·         Unwanted pregnancy

·         Decision making and other dilemmas

·         Suicidal thoughts

·         Relationship problems

·         Body image and self esteem

·         Grief and loss

·         Peer pressure